B-sides (No New Blue)

A B-side or three from July's No New Blue post featuring Ellis Ericson and his newly dead surfboard. Fortunately he'd nabbed a bunch of keepers in the hour and a half prior to the snappage as is seen in the aforementioned web-log. 

Catch Up Pt.II

Again, it'd been a while between beverages for Ellis and TSL. Salsa, he & I tried our luck down (for me), up (for them) at Brunswick Heads for a morning of something. Silky aqua walls provided simple pleasures in & around fishing lines capped off by a post surfing serving of i'm-off-the-coffees chais. 

Catch Up

It'd been a few years between beers for Salsa and I. Last week we managed to catch up for a short shoot/surf session where the igneous & obsidian are on the opposite side of the spectrum from blanc. Although we didn't have any beers, (it was 7am in the morning after all & both had to get back to our wives and children shortly thereafter #drinkresponsibly) it was a productive hour or so hearing about each others recent moves to the vicinity & capturing Jasson's blasé but deadly liquid rail incisions.

Enjoy (responsibly)...